Monday, November 17, 2008

Texas Made


I was born and raised in Texas. We had moved a lot over the years, but for the majority, I lived in Whitney [Lake Whitney], Texas. Super small town with one stoplight. Since I've been gone, they've added a second stoplight. Way to go, guys.

Ahhhh the Whitney Dam. The only reason to go over the Whitney Dam is to get to the liquor store. I'm serious.

There isn't shit to do in Whitney, no movie theater, no shopping, nothing. Nothing except cliff-jumping.
I'm serious.

Whitney sucks. Just about everyone that lives there hates it. Now, don't get me wrong, I love to visit, but I hate to live there. If my boyfriend and I break up, I'll be right back there too. Perhaps I need to increase my blowjob output ratio. Anyway, as much as I miss my family, I have issues with Texas.

~I hate country music. (I will admit that Carrie Underwood is good though)
~I don't like horses. I think they are pretty, but don't ask me to ride one.
~Cows are evil. They definately deserve to be made into yummy hamburgers.
~I have been practicing on losing my accent since I was in the 6th grade. (seriously)
~I hate hate hot weather. Texas is always hot, or has the random ice storms. No other seasons whatsoever.
~I am not a Bush supporter. (President, not pubes)
I have that on a tshirt. I'm serious.

Now, there is a pretty good rock music scene in Texas. Austin is the best city, by far; it's just way too expensive to live in. And, well, 90% of my family and 95% of my son's family lives in Texas. Which brings me to why I left.

The remaining 10% of my family. My older sisters. I did not grow up with them, and never really knew them very well. I have no real memories of them from 4th grade to my senior year of high school. Which is exactly when they contacted me again. They waited until I turned 18, then found me. It was kind of like those jenny-jones-reunion-shows, without jenny. We kept in touch through phone calls and letters, and I finally flew out to Oregon/Washington to visit. That's when I fell in love with the area. It is so beautiful here. The weather is perfect. Plus, I could finally get to know my sisters and through them, who my father was. It was basically a "why not?". I was hating Texas in a big way, and I had been thinking of moving for a few years anyway. It was down to Oregon/Washington or Colorado, and my boyfriend and I decided to do OR/WA first.


Oregon is pretty great. I actually like the months of rain! Oregon has the amazing city life, small neighboring towns, moutains, the beach, farms, outdoor markets, festivals, alcoholics galore, theaters that play everything, etc. Crazy mass public transportation, the most bike riders I've seen in my life, and if you like weed, you can definately call Oregon home.

My only beef with Oregon = no freakin' A/C. What is wrong with you people?! I realize that it doesn't get super hot but only 3 months in the entire year, but those 3 months are HELL.

Oh, and I miss the hell out of actual BBQ and Whataburger. Note to all Oregonians: BBQ-ing and having a cook-out, are two separate things. I promise.

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Slider9012 said...

Dude, THANK YOU for this blog entry. You really went into detail. I never knew any of this!
I've never even heard of Whitney before today... I do like that pic tho (the one that says Whitney)

I also can't imagine you with an accent.

I've never heard your voice... should do youtube videos!!!!!!!!

think about it! lol

I'd like to visit OR someday!