Monday, February 16, 2009

I Use To Be A Hoe ala a Facebook IM

9:28pm[guy i went to highschool with]
yea u remember the old eminem song

which one? hahaha

9:29pm[guy i went to highschool with]
comeon i know u remember
remember the little note i was given over the eminem song
the future mrs andy roddick

lol omg i barely remember anything i've done or said hahahahahaha

9:30pm[guy i went to highschool with]
oh wow

i remember you giving me crap for a screen name saying that "chloe" was my stripper name
i mean, i remember hanging out w/ you at your house, but i hardly remember actual conversations

9:31pm[guy i went to highschool with]
u gave me a note that said that this eminem song was an automatic striptease so i was like shit alright came and picked ur ass up and turned that bitch on and u didnt dissapoint

omg, really? that all started w/ a song? wow. i have the worst memory EVER

9:32pm[guy i went to highschool with]
yea superman i think it was lol

hahahahahha omg. i'm such a hoe

9:32pm[guy i went to highschool with]
i think that was just ur way of wanting to see whatsup though lol

i guess. haha who knows.

9:34pm[guy i went to highschool with]
shit i remember everything i remember running outside with my pants down
thinking my parents were home
now that shit is funny


hahahaha what a dork
i remember you saying something about not sleeping w/ anybody cuz you just didnt do that

9:37pm[guy i went to highschool with]
yea yea
we didnt do that

was that true? cuz what high school guy doesnt have sex?

9:38pm[guy i went to highschool with]
yea i didnt i was all christian then

hahahaah yeah, i'm sure jesus is cool w/ handjobs

9:39pm[guy i went to highschool with]
exactly lol
thats what i must have been thinking

i think i was on a no sex kick at that time anyway
a lot of good THAT did

9:41pm[guy i went to highschool with]
yea eveything went on except bj and sex i think cause i think u said u didnt like
to get eaten out

oh yeah. still dont. not really. unless a chick is doing it

9:42pm[guy i went to highschool with]
i dont understand that myself but ok
cause that is like my fav thing to do

i love giving head tho. so i guess we're the same on that aspect

9:43pm[guy i went to highschool with]
no i def love getting that but u said u didnt like to do that back then
i was like fuck man

weird. i was on a no bj kick too. i did it too much when i was younger and decided not to do it for a long time
now its my fav thing

9:44pm[guy i went to highschool with]
fuck off lol


whatever christianboy

Okay, first off, I don't know that song. So, that's pure "like what he likes to get him into bed" kind of thing going on. You know, like what a guy would do. I'm pretty sure I was talking a big game and just wanted to see how far he would take it. Well, he took it all the way to his parent's house.

Also, the "future mrs roddick" thing. I like watching pro tennis. Andy Roddick has been my favorite since he went pro. Granted, his anger problem has gotten better and his return has gotten worse, but whatever.

Anyhoo, the moral of the story is: I've always been a hoe, even when I wasn't having sex.


Brad said...

HAHAHAHA!! I love reading other peoples chats. So freakin funny. Ya, a hoe is always a hoe I guess. I'm screwed I guess. haha Can't ever get married now.

Sarah said...

yeah im so totally curious, i cant help it