Thursday, June 26, 2008

::a delve into my fantastic past::

Once when I was about 15, I had one of my friends over to my house. I'm pretty sure she had slept over, since that's all we did that whole year and summer; sleep over at each other's houses. Which now that I think back, is pretty odd since I didn't like people over often due to my parents being an extremely rare case of disfuction and embarrassment. Anyway, back to the memory. She and I were in the living room with my mom. Talking or watching tv or something. Somehow we started wrestling or something that might resemble wrestling. As I started to twist her arm behind her back, I realized that I had overpowered her. And in that split second, that empowerment went to my head. And I couldnt stop twisting her arm. She started crying and my mom was yelling at me to stop, for christ's sake, stop twisting her damn arm. The super psycho part is that I was laughing.

Good god never let me have any masochistic powers over anyone, they might lose a testicle.

Of course I let her arm go, but I couldn't stop laughing. My mom called me a psycho and I tried to say I was sorry over my laughter.

Now, that was perhaps the only time I exhibited any future-sociopathic tendencies. I have never harmed any animals or played with fire or anything like that. In fact, I have always cried over every pet lost. I did kill a baby chick once, but it was a total and complete accident, I swear!

Now that I'm no longer a child, I do have a weird facination with pain. In highschool I use to request for someone to punch me in one particular spot over and over. The pain would turn into a numbing tingle and would feel fantastic. However, my mother quickly put a stop to that when she saw my entire upper arm had turned a lovely shade of bruse.

I use to play drunken fight club, girl's edition. I might reinstate that one, that shit was fun.

I also like rough sex, not all the time, but I dig it. I don't mean that S&M bondage bullshit, just good old fashioned slapping/ backhanding/ pulling hair/ dirty rape sex. Although lately, I've sort of grown out of it. Sadly.

As I grow older, I'm rapidly starting to mellow out. Perhaps it due to my lack of partying and having a life; but it's definately there. All that's left is my sarcasm. Don't worry, I'm holding on to that with an iron grip.


Slider9012 said...

Well... This was an interesting post. I kinda like pulling guys hair. I like it when mine is pulled, but I would rather be the one inflicting a little slap and tickle then being slapped and tickled.

Dirty rough sex sounds hot, right about now.

I would be willing to get it on with just about anyone... yes, even those with vaginas.

j said...

hahah well, slider, i would love to get a gay man's opinion on my blowing techniques!

Slider9012 said...

so naughty ~