Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hey Landlords, You MIGHT Not Want To Piss Off Your Tenants

A Portland man has been convicted of killing his landlord and fellow tenant. Apparently the landlord was going to kick homedog out, on account that dude was always late with his rent. So what does Mr. Latepayer do? He decides that murder is the answer to possible eviction. Yeah.

Oh, and it gets worse. I guess that he decided if he was going to actually commit murder, he would go all out. You can tell he was truely mad at the landlord and only a little upset with his housemate (must of played his music too loudly or left his dishes in the sink).

So here is the setup: the housemate's bullet-ridden body was found off the side of the road. Next to him was the torso of the landlord. Yes, only the freakin' torso. The landlord's limbs and much of his skin were later found in some minivan that also contained blood from all three men...

Okay, so I'm not a doctor or anything, but it seems to me that some body parts are missing. Lets count: one torso + limbs + much of his skin = full body? Yeahhh I don't think that adds up.

Here's the link to the story:

Sadly enough, all I could think about while reading that story, was; I wonder if they are going to rent out that room for a cheaper rate now?


Slider9012 said...

I've never killed anybody, but I have felt the need to kill before.
I totally sympathize with the guy who couldn't pay his rent.

Sick thing tho: I was thinking to myself this morning, if I killed someone at random, would anybody ever find out.


cuz of DNA.

it's a new idea for a reality show tho!

Hey, what is your fav. show?

j said...

Uh oh, well, to answer that question will show exactly how much of a life i DONT have. and how couch potato-y i am. its sad. i will have to do a blog about it now lol! stay tuned!