Friday, July 11, 2008

oh man. last night.

the concert was....


a)kick ass:

-our tickets were on the floor, no seats, ultimate rock-out potential

-the foo fighters played a mini set from a drop-down stage in the middle of the floor. seriously, this shit dropped down from the ceiling. insane.

-4 motherfucking encores.



-i rocked out, back and feet hurt like a mutha.

-totally worth it



-some fucked up douche hurt his leg/knee and laid on the floor for like 3 songs before he figured out that he could indeed stand up.

In conclusion, the second time seeing the foo fighters will not be the last! They are always awesome and always put on a killer show.


The only true complaint - the fucking venue would not allow alcohol outside their designated areas, so no drinky while watchy. that shit is fucked up. luckily, we got buzzed during the mediocre opening bands.

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Slider9012 said...

dude, I have never even been to a concert... well, not a cool one.

I love the Foo Fighters! 'The One' is one of my fav. songs!

PS: PLEASE change the outlook of your blog!!!