Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Really, KICK ASS Pizza.

The Rock pizza is very, very good. Their new location in Vancouver, WA is now open, and yours truly just had to go check it out. Their menu has many non-pizza items, and more pizza recipes than you could wish for (all named after some kick ass rock song or other). There are kid menus (which my picky eater loved) and they even bring out pizza dough for the kids to play with. The atmosphere is awesome, good tunes, and the waitstaff is beyond amazing. And believe me, I can definitely critique some wait staff. OH, not to mention their bar/beer/wine selection is freakin' awesome. I had a drink called "The Bucket", which was served IN A BUCKET. You know those kiddie sand pails? Yeah, it was in one of those, complete with shovel. I'm not kidding. It had 4 different rums, and customers are only limited two! PLUS, purchasing said awesome-pail aids libraries. Oh yes, they donate The Bucket sales to libraries. My three favorite things: booze, books, and pizza. OH, and rock music. So that makes four. They also have two different happy hours, your regular 3pm-6pm, and another later one.

They are located all over Washington state, but if you are in PDX, jump right across the river and check out the one in Vancouver (seriously, it's like the first exit across the bridge)!

*Stupid links aren't working. The Rock's website is


Brad said...

dude, I wanna try to place soooo bad now! gurl, if they have hot boys, it is my idea of heaven!

j said...

Oh man, my waiter was hella hot! and when i ordered my pizza, it was named after one of his favorite songs, which he proceeded to sing to me! hahahha yes, they have a very hot staff!

chris said...

While I love the fact that you just raved about the rock in your blog, I feel that i must let you know that the bucket actually has five different rums and three fruit juices in it. Love you baby