Monday, August 25, 2008

I Have Now Taken Laziness To A New Level.

In waking up this morning, I already knew that I wasn't going to wear a skirt to work. It was a pants kind of day; due to the fact that a) it's sort of rainy today, but more importantly, b) I need to acquire some pantyhose that don't have built-in runs in them. So, in mental preparation for my shower routine, I decided that I would not shave my legs.

Now, to all the females here, you are probably thinking, "yeah, so?;" but here is where I veer from sanity to whaaaaaat? In my infinite wisdom and half-asleepness, I also decided to shave my ankles. Yes, just my ankles. I reasoned that even though I was wearing slacks to work, sometimes my ankles end up showing when I cross my legs or whathaveyou. So, somehow, shaving just my ankles made perfect sense to me.

I'm working on getting that cat scan scheduled asap.


callista maria said...

I would like to just let you know I did the same damn thing because I am wearing an ankle length skirt today and I was lazy and in case I did happen to cross my legs and the skirt bunched up, it would seem as if my whole leg was smoothly shaved rather than just the exposed top part of my ankle and below. Nice to know I'm not the only crazy person doin shit half-assed. Haha BTW this is callista from myspace! NOT A CREEPY STALKER>

Slider9012 said...

I didn't shave my legs today either ;)