Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Well, the boyfriend is turning 30 (gasp) October 1st and I am trying to figure out what the hell to do for him. I'm not very good with birthday's since I stopped celebrating mine about 12 years ago. Plus, what the fuck do you get someone turning 30? Seriously. I mean, I know what I want to get him, but due to this lovely happenstance, I can't afford jack. So goodbye Vegas plans and goodbye Colorado plans and goodbye Avalanche vs. Stars plans and goodbye getting cable+DVR plans. So what's left? HELP!


September 21 - So You Think You Can Dance Live!

October 1st - Boyfriend's birthday + Official break-up date since dude is OLD!

Sometime in October - Have to get new birth control. Must find a way to come up with $500.

Some other time in October - The Great Costume Debate.

October 24th - mutha fucking HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3 hits theaters! hellz yeah

October 31st - Halloween (ahhhh screaming kids + endless walking)


Anonymous said...

you get him a card that says, "sorry you're dying." and hopefully, you started in on him about turning 30 weeks ago! brandino didn't hear the end of it a month prior till.. hell, i STILL give him shit for being old! hehehehehehe.
-loves, karma

Anonymous said...

Well you could always do the special time of year butt sex move. They forget all about the fact that you were supposed to BUY them something if you let them stick it in your butt. And for a gag go buy him some depends and denture cream ;)

j said...

Oh, the butt sex move wont work, i let him slip in it sparatically. ;)

Anonymous said...

Well shit. Literally. I like to save that one for special occasions. :(
Well you could always let him slip it in someone else's butt lol

Sarah said...

as for the birth control Mirena has options for payment plans if you want I can get you the number to call about that.