Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Text Message.

C: So I'm eating at Sonic and half of the university of tennesse cheerleaders just pulled up and got out right in front of me

Me: Oooh the cozmos are making up for such a crappy bday

C: Thirty sucks

C: [sends picture]

Me: Whatever pic you sent, I cant "retrieve" it right now

C: It was me eating my chili cheese dog

Me: Why the fuck would i want a pic of u eating? Frm now on, im going to take a pic every time i eat & send it to u. Even if ur w/ me

C: It was my bday chili dog on my 30th bday. It was monumental.

Me: Ur an idiot. Only an old guy would think thats monumental. Just think, today a chilidog, in a few years, an erection.

C: Blow me.

Me: btw, im wearing a skirt today.

C: Oh by the way i'm wearing a tie today.

Me: Skirt trumps tie since we're both turned on by them. I win. Even on ur bday, i win.

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