Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dreams can be so tiring...

For months I've been having a lot of dreams. It's sort of odd.

A few nights ago I had a dream where I was waiting tables at my old job, and was about to get off work since it was almost closing time. I fixed myself a salad to eat after cleaning up and set it down. Suddenly, the restaurant started to fill up w/ customers at the last minute. One of the other servers started complaining about getting sat because they had just finished cleaning their section, but I told him to stop whining and get back on the floor, since the restaurant was literally filling up and no one was leaving. At this point there are three servers (including me) handling the dining room, and while I'm in the main wait part of the kitchen in the back, I hear a voice yell out, "gun!." Shots are fired and everyone falls to the ground, including me. I can see into the dining room from where I am in the kitchen, and I get out my cell phone. A man is standing up, holding a child, and pointing the gun at who I can only assume is the child's mother or grandmother. As I'm describing the situation to the 911 operator, all cop-like (shots fired at Lone Star Cafe in Hillsboro Tx, shooter is a black male, in his late 20s, early 30's, white tshirt, black pants, etc etc), I see that he sees me. He starts coming toward the kitchen. I know I'm about to get shot, but can't stop talking to the 911 operator. I wake up.

A week ago, I have a dream where I've just parked my white van (I don't own a van in actual life). It's dark, nighttime. I get out with my passenger and we start walking up and around a building. A couple of people come out of the darkness, perhaps from behind a tree, and a man has a gun. He points it at me. I raise my hands above my head and start to say something like, "hey man, chill out, just take the van.." but before I can even finish a sentence, he shoots me. I gasp with so much force (and surprise) that it physically wakes me up.

I was telling my sister about these dreams and she promised to look up shootings/violence/etc in her dream books and get back to me. Here is what she found out:

guns: whether you saw it, heard it or used it, any type of gun featured in your dream forecasts an injustice, either to you or to someone in your close circle, which you will have to fight hard to overcome


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