Thursday, January 29, 2009

Job Interview!

The job was for a credit card/atm troubleshoot call center type thing. I interviewed with two people who I got along great with. It was actually quite an enjoyable interview, so I hope I got the job. They seem like fun people to work with, and I'd rather have fun working in a seemingly boring job, than be crazy bored working in a seemingly great job. Being productive and having fun are the most important things, especially since I just came from the most boring job on the face of the planet. I want to actually be happy in the next job I do, no matter what it is.

I really really hope I got it.

*Oh, and I hope if I do get it, that I get to wear one of those really cute headpiece phone thingys. Those are awesome!


Slider9012 said...

you look damn good today! I bet you got the job! It sounds fantastic!
-crossing fingers-

j said...

thanks babe! you always make me feel so good.

Shasha said...

was it by chance for a company called alliance?

j said...

no, it was Credco of Oregon, who work with Merchant Circle.