Saturday, February 7, 2009

I just died.

I have been online playing the hella old school game Oregon Trail.

And failing miserably.

First off, I started the game by choosing to be a farmer. I figured a farmer would know more about traveling and hunting and whatnot. Plus, if you make it to the new settlement as a farmer, you get more points.

Next, I named my "party". Dead Man, Dead Woman, Polio Kid, Survivor, and Cripple. Surprisingly, Survivor was the first to die. I morned him and was outraged when I couldn't bury him. Apparently you can only "bury" yourself and give yourself a headstone. Which I found out the unfortunate way.

Here lies Dead Man.
"It's ok to eat yellow snow"

I was also upset that you couldn't ever carry more than 100lbs of food to your wagon, even AFTER you had unloaded hundreds of pounds of dead family. wtf? Really? I think I should be able to make two trips if I shoot two bears or two buffalo in one hunting trip. Or I should have the option to kill one of my ox. Or I should have the option to buy medicine or something. The only recommendation to sickness is to "rest," which is exactly what I blame for 3 of my 5 family member's death. The rest did them in.

And yet, I love this game. Which is odd since most video games piss me off and I have to quit just to save my tv's life so I don't smash my fucking fists through it. I mean, I dig Mario Bros, but after having to restart in the same damn place for the 15th time just pisses me off. And forget any other game. I think the last game I tolerated past a couple of levels was Sypro. Then I realized I had gotten to the end of the DEMO and threw the game against the wall. There was no way I was going to re-play that entire bullshit on the actual game.

Anyhoo, go play Oregon Trail for some good time fun! Lethal Dysentery and all!

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