Monday, February 9, 2009

Slightly relieved

and by slightly, i mean i am slightly relieved.

Just got off the phone with two banks discussing my car loans. Yeah, I have two cars leased under my name. Both are late, what with the no job and all. I've been hella stressing about waking up and finding my cars just *gone* one day. I feared the repo man.

The bank that handles my Taurus is much nicer than the back that handles my Jetta, I'll tell you that right now. Neither one is getting repo'd this month, thank goodness. However, I have until Thursday to get $280.51 into my bank account before the Jetta bastards withdrawal from it. Oh, and another $280.51 by the 28th. Neither one likely to happen. Which I told them, but we'll see what happens. That's only for the delinquent payment too. Not counting this month's payment. But hey, at least it's not getting repo'd. That's all that mattered to me.

Now, I just need to file and receive my income tax so I can get myself out of this debt. And credit card debt. Oh, and I haven't paid Daycare yet. Hopefully it'll cover all that, plus the other bills that get automatically deducted from my ahem $0 checking account every month.

Sometimes, being an adult really sucks.


Sarah said...

adulthood doesnt suck. broke adulthood sucks. it would be awesome if you were rich.

Slider9012 said...

ahh, my fav. topic as of late: FINANCES! haha

I have to pay 383.11 for my car payment this Fri :(

I hope you get a job soon! *fingers crossed**

j said...

thanks honey. i really hope so too.