Monday, March 30, 2009

tv junkie?

I AM! And what makes a great tv show is not only their content and execution during their run, but also how they choose to end the series. That is, how they choose to end their series IF they know that they are being taken off the air. I'm not sure if I could come up with a better top 10 Best Television Series Finales than Arlo J. Wiley, but so far his list is very spot on! No matter what shows I've seen or haven't seen, he and I share the same #1 choice, that's for sure!

I suggest reading his Top 10 Best Television Series Finales List for his brilliant explanations as to why these finales are SO great. I'll just compile the list via photos and gush over the number 1 choice.

Again, this is Arlo J. Wiley's List PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go read his article for a super duper great description on each of his choices!

10. "Exeunt Omnes," Oz
oz the best show ever Pictures, Images and Photos

9. "Discos and Dragons," Freaks and Geeks *fuck yes! Freaks&Geeks is in my top five fav shows of all time!
Freaks and Geeks. Pictures, Images and Photos

8. "Made in America," The Sopranos
sopranos_3.jpg Pictures, Images and Photos

7. "Christmas Special," The Office(UK)
The Office UK Pictures, Images and Photos

6. "Daybreak," Battlestar Galactica
Battlestar Galactica Pictures, Images and Photos

5. "Goodbye, Farewell and Amen," M*A*S*H
mash Pictures, Images and Photos

4. "Development Arrested," Arrested Development
arrested development Pictures, Images and Photos

3. "Chosen," Buffy the Vampire Slayer *yes!

2. "Not Fade Away," Angel *yes!
Angel - Finale Shot Pictures, Images and Photos

1. "Everyone's Waiting," Six Feet Under *YES! muthafuckin' agreed!
six feet under Pictures, Images and Photos

Here's the thing about Six Feet Under. It's tied in my top 2 fav shows of all time. That, and Firefly. However, Six Feet Under's finale is (at least in mine and Arlo's opinion)the best show finale EVER. I still tear up if I watch the ending montage. Below is said ending montage, but it obviously wont pact quite the punch if you aren't invested in the characters and have never seen the show. It's still perfect, non the less.

no seriously, i started crying 1:23 into watching it just now!

Fucking Perfect!

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