Friday, June 27, 2008

its a txting world and i'm a txting girl

MM: On dr phil he is shocked that this grl hid that she was prego for 4 months.

J: That dumbfuck.

MM: True story. the grls a whiney bitch. makes me happy.

J: Haha well anyone who would volunteer to go on dr.phil and NOT punch him in the face deserves 2 be made fun of by dr.phil

MM: Lets go on dr phil

J: Yessss!

MM: Ill apply to go on tyra for a make over. lets see how big of a tool they turn me into

J: As long as u sarcastically make fun of tyra, its all good. But dont call her fat until after ur hair is done

MM: True story. i just keep giggling saying "kinda like u tyra?" when shes knocking on my bad taste

*oooh man do i hate dr.phil! however, i hate tyra much more. whomever gave that bitch a daytime emmy should get stabbed in the fucking face.

*however, i do LOOVVVEEE the show What Not To Wear! stacy and clinton are hilarious. plus, i would totally subject myself to getting made fun of on that show because a) they are witty in their insults, and b) you get a whole new wardrobe + tips for future shopping needs.

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