Tuesday, July 22, 2008


i think i have to push my son's birthday back. i found The Perfect Location yesterday, but today i got a call saying that My Perfect Location was already reserved for that entire freakin' day! really?! fucking greedy bastards have to reserve My Perfect Location alllllll day? jeez, i only wanted it for 2 damn hours. in the morning, no less.

so now i have to figure out if i want to settle on some crummy location, or push back the birthday. right now i'm leaning towards pushing back the birthday, since i'm already late on getting invites out and i think asking people to come over next weekend is too short of a notice right now anyway. ugh. hopefully some asshole hasn't reserved My Perfect Location for the 16th.

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Slider9012 said...

dude, that sux major C.
Even if you have to push back his birthday, make sure he feels REALLY loved on the actual day.
I mean, I should know... I just had my b-day, and spent it at work, and home alone... but, my fam made up for it a few days later.