Monday, July 21, 2008

what the fuck is christian bale thinking?!

...okay, don't get me wrong, while i don't necessarily remember the last terminator movie, i do remember liking it, despite it's too-long story line. and i do love the show The Sarah Conner Chronicles, but seriously...what the fuck is Christian Bale thinking?! he is too good of an actor for this bullshit.

here is a trailer for The Sarah Conner Chronicles:

Summer Glau is brilliant in it, but then again, she was born for the roles of government-made-killers.


has anyone seen the new JC Penny Commercial emulating The Breakfast Club?! what.the.fuck? i'm officially boycotting JC Penny, not that i actually shopped there in the first place, but if i were to shop there in the future, well not anymore bub! you do NOT fuck with a classic! and to make it into a fucking commercial? for clothes?! ohmygod. i was so pissed off last night, seriously. the boyfriend told me to shut up and just blog about already.

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Slider9012 said...

dude, THAT movie looks SOOO good!
I wanna see it.

I'll see anything with C.B.
sooo hawt.