Friday, July 18, 2008

on with the updates already, lady!

Update 1).
I am planning my son's 5th birthday party right now. The theme is Justice League/Superheros (since Spider-man is not part of the Justice League). I have a date set, but I have to narrow down with park to set it in. Also, bounce house or no bounce house? Given of course, if the parks are bounce house compatible. So agenda for this weekend? Visit parks, call and reserve, call bounce house masters and reserve (if park of my choosing allows bounce houses), make invitations, scout out all dollar stores in search of cheap ass table cloths and/or pillow cases. Why table cloths and/or pillow cases you ask? Well, being the fantastic person that I am, I'm going to have each child decorate and wear their very own cape and mask! Yay them.* So I'll need to find those items and some Velcro and yarn/elastic cord. I'm sure I'll go nuts in the party stores too. Ugh. Ohhhh, and the outrageous cake I plan on baking. I won't give anything away, ya know, in case I fail; but it's going to be awesome.

Update 2).
Planning my Texas trip as well. So many people to visit, so little time. This is pretty much an "up in the air" kind of situation. Nothing can be concrete until I actually get there. It doesn't help that a good majority of the people I want to visit like all over the damn place.

Update 3).
Oh yes, I am also trying to plan the boyfriend's birthday as well. It's not until October, but dude is turning the big 3-0, so it has to be big. We already know that it's between Vegas and Colorado. Colorado will be the winner if the Avalanche play the Stars there around that time. Yup, big geeks we are. Of course, we don't really have money to gamble with anyways, but I'm leaving the decision up to the boyfriend. It's a matter of getting friends and family to join, that I'm concerned with. Plus, Flogging Molly is playing here around that time as well, so I told him we need to make his birthday a week long event. So we'll see.

*Please note: The only reason I'm truly having the kids dress up in capes and masks, is so I can wear my Batgirl costume without feeling like a total idiot. Hells yes, I knew I'd get another use out of that thing...ya know, other than Halloween and random sexcapades.


Slider9012 said...

Hey batgirl, you better take some pictures of that cake you are baking for your son's b-day party;)
omg, you are a FUN mom. so cool.

I wanna dress up in a costume now!

Sarah Albright (yeah thats right bitch) said...

Oh for sure go with the bounce house if possible, it is a fool proof party idea-trust me I know 5 yr olds and they love jumping, they could also pretend like they are flying in their capes.