Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Happy, or something like it:

-The return of The Office! Can't freakin' wait! God I love that show.

-My son's birthday party went great! Although, I found out that it IS expensive to do a birthday party the "cheap" way and next year, I will opt for something like Chuck E. Cheese or The Movies or The Zoo, etc.

-Got to go on a two hour shopping spree with my boss' credit card today. Yes, I had to buy work appropriate clothing, and yes I had a limit, but still. It was pretty awesome.

-IRS says I owe them money since I never proved that I actually pay childcare (since having your taxes prepared by the pros no longer warrants as proof enough), but the upside is that all I have to do is send in proof and I don't have to pay the tax preparers extra monies to fix this.

-Still have to register my kid for school (btw, OMFG my kid is going to be IN SCHOOL!!!), but I scored a free session w/ a kid's counselor to evaluate his behavior; so that's pretty nice since I'm poor.

-I've been actually liking my boyfriend lately. I think it has something to do with never seeing him. It totally works for us.

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