Monday, November 17, 2008


I love talking to my parents on the phone, it's never a dull experience. Just yesterday I was talking to my dad. Right when I answered, he says

"Hunny, I'm locked up, I need you to come bail me out."

Immediately I think that it's true, and he is too drunk to realize that I'm in a totally different state, and can't bail him out. I ask him where's he's at, and he says "McLennan County, I think."

Yep, he's definately drunk. I keep asking him where was he when he was pulled over, where was he heading, so maybe I can figure out where he's being held. Finally, he responds,

"I'm messing with you, I'm not in jail. You think I would call you? I would never call you to bail me out of jail. Hahahahaha."


"I've always been an asshole, hunny" is his response. O Dad.

We chit-chatted about random things. He's still working in Houston on the flood cleanup/rebuild, I'm still dating "that boy." We always touch on the subjects of my older brother [if he's in prison or jail], my little sister [who is brilliant, but mean], how I'm doing [the answer is always "fine"], and the fact that I can always come back home. It's quite a predictable conversation, but I love it. ...Well, until he's drunk, then the conversation gets stuck on a loop.

After we finished our white-trash-tango-of-info, I talked to my pepaw for a few minutes. He is quite the character. He is one of the most awesome old guys I know. We were discussing my employment dilemma [see: screwed], and my pepaw told me that perhaps I needed to get my ass out on the corner. hahahahahaha. Ya know, get my shit figured out and pay those bills. O Pepaw.

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Slider9012 said...

oh, I really LIKED this entry!
I'm wondering tho... What brought you to OR, all the way from TX?
Did you grow up in TX?