Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Recognize that shit now?

No? Really? How 'bout now?

Still no? What the fuck...

mallrats Pictures, Images and Photos
It's muthafukin' MALLRATS! The very awesome movie by Kevin Smith, which if you haven't seen, you should. Fuck, you should just OWN it! You can see the trailer here since that some douche wouldn't allow embedding.

Brody (Jason Lee) is my absolute favourite, and I love every bit of dialog he says. The movie should have been about him, not TS; in my opinion.

So yeah, the blueprints are framed and on my living room wall.

I also have this framed, well, the top one at least:
That little gem is from the Kevin Smith movie, Chasing Amy.

Classy, no? ;)

:::DISCLAIMER::: I do not hate gay people, I've licked enough clit in my day to appreciate the comedy, people. ...fuck.

1 comment:

Slider9012 said...

That is one of my FAV movies! omg, you have rly good taste in TV shows and movies... I bet you have good 'taste' in porn;)
I'm craving cock now.