Monday, December 8, 2008

What do you want for Christmas?

Good lord I need to cut that kid's hair! He likes it long because it makes him look like Troy Bolton:

Troy Bolton Pictures, Images and Photos

This morning he insisted on being called Clark Kent because of his outfit:

Clark and Lex Pictures, Images and Photos
Yes, he watches Smallville. He likes anything with superheros or singing.

So the fact that he says his name is "Jason" is weird, but no surprise. I have no idea who this Jason person is, it's certainly not anyone in the Justice League, anyone who's been to the Daily Planet, or anyone that's set foot into the Batcave. There is a Jason in High School Musical, but that's not who he's talking about. I don't know, kid is crazy.

Plus, that's the first time I've heard him mention Hungry Hungry Hippos. Or getting The Santa Clause 3 movie. He's really been talking about those damn Pokemon cards forEVEr. So that answer was a curve ball.

Don't even ask me about the "naked" thing. I have no idea.

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Brian and Anne said...

My two year old calls it Yummy Yummy Hippos. :)

You know, they had Troy, Gabriella and Sharpay barbie-type dolls at Fred Meyers for $5 on black Friday...