Wednesday, January 21, 2009

In case you didn't know...

Our Mayor had sex with an 18yr old intern and lied about it. I have one word for this situation: HOT!

Look, I don't understand how politics is the only time when you have to disclose past sexual relationships and current sexual activity for your job. Why is this ever an issue? I don't understand how a person's most private life is automatically public business when they go into politics. Why is this the only job where it's okay? Any other job and you could sue the pants off (pun totally intended) your boss for asking any questions about your sex life. I get that people are mad that he lied, and mad about the way he lied; making it out to be almost a gay right to not stereotype gay men as pedophiles, and that he was so disgusted that people would accuse him of sleeping with his intern. He probably shouldn't have pushed it that far considering it was a lie. But seriously, I would have lied too. It's no body's business. I don't care what job you have.

"Oh, but it reflects on their character."
"He isn't trustworthy now."
"If a person can't have a stable/uncontroversial life at home, then they couldn't possible have a stable/uncontroversial professional life either."

Guess what? That's all crap. A person's sex life is a non issue. Period.


j said...

the relationship happened in 2005. they lied about it in 2007. it's 2009 people, get over it.

Slider9012 said...

You said it: HOT!!!

I love this shit!

16 - 17 year olds are the best.