Monday, January 12, 2009

Mid-Morning Dream:

I had a dream...

In my dream, I was high school age, and living with my parents and siblings in some little east coast town. However, it was present day.

We were having some sort of little get-together with friends and family when President Bush showed up with his wife Laura. He was getting ready for his very last televised speech as president and wanted a place to chill out before going on. Of course we said yes.

I was already in my parent's room when President Bush came in and said he wanted to take a nap. He asked me to be the person to wake him up. We got into a small discussion about when he should wake up and what to bring him at that time. The only problem was, we couldn't figure out what the current time was.

My watch time was different than my phone time, and both were completely different than multiple clocks throughout the house. My watch was saying 1:16pm, My phone was saying 4:15pm, and the clock beside the bed was saying 6pm. So, I started to panic.

President Bush lays down while I try to figure out what time it is, so then I can tell him, and he can in turn, tell me when to wake him up.

I walk into the kitchen. Here, many people and their kids are mingling about, eating, talking, visiting with one another. I say, "Excuse me, but does anyone have the correct time?" Somehow, my urgency for find the time is laughable because everyone sort of laughs and brushes me off. Sort of like, oh that jessica, her and her silly notions.

My older brother Jason asks me why it's such a big deal. So I tell him, "well, the president is taking a nap in dad's bed and the ONLY job he gave me was to wake him up at xoclock and i can't even figure out what time it is now, so I could potentially screw up the President's Last Televised Speech by not waking the President up on time!!!"

"Oh, well, that's easy, it's...." and as everyone in the kitchen look around, we realise that none of the clocks say the same time either. I find the president's wife, Laura in the living room at the buffet table. I ask her for the time and say that I have to wake George up but can't figure out when to do it. She misunderstands what I mean by that, and proceeds to make up a plate for him, telling me that George will be pretty hungry when I wake him, and to bring him this tray of food and some coffee. Oh, and a newspaper that is three quarters of the way intact (since it was afternoon, I suppose she didn't want me to bring him a nearly empty paper).

She keeps putting various cold cuts and cheeses and things onto this platter, all the while giving me these instructions; however, some pigtailed little blonde girl keeps picking things off the platter. I tell her to stop and try to shoo her away, but it only adds to the anxiety that is building.

Laura walks away so I decide that I might as well take the tray to the President's bedside. As I start to pick it up, I notice a guy kind of off to the side, shaking his head and sort of chuckling to himself. I'm pretty mentally frazzled at this point and almost yell a "what?!" at him. He says, "what's the big deal, just chill out, no one is going to let the president oversleep. Besides, the job they gave you was to introduce him, not wake him up."

"WHAT?!" Introduce him? Oh god, I have no make up on and I'm wearing a pull over hoodie and look like all around crap. Plus, I don't know how long I have to get ready before the speech since I dont know what TIME IT IS!!!

I run to Laura and ask her about it and she says "noooo! no, you are not introducing him! hahahha I'm sorry, but we have someone else -"

"That's okay, really. I don't want to do it. Thank you so much!"

hahahha so, my anxiety is now pretty much gone with that relief. I figure that I have nothing to worry about and the President's wife or secret service can wake him. I wonder back into the kitchen thinking about how I let all that get me so frazzled and I literally bump into that guy. It dawns on me that he just lied and played a joke on me; which made me look like a bigger fool than I'm sure I was already looking. I playfully hit him and act like I'm mad, but it gets us talking.

He is cute and I already am crushing on him. Even though my dream is set in the past and the present, I know I have a boyfriend. I flirt anyway.

My older brother comes back in and I'm joking and laughing with both of them now. I guess I feel pretty confident at this point, because I pick up a piece of broccoli and walk over to that guy. I say, "would you like to try this? It's pretty awful." He says, "I'll try it but how about we make this out first official mouth to mouth interaction?"

We step out back and I put the broccoli halfway into my mouth and leave half sticking out. He takes the other half with his mouth, ala body shots. It's sexy. I ask him, "pretty awful, huh?" and we laugh.

We go back inside and mingle and just hang out.

The dream kind of turns into something else entirely at that point, but it was pretty odd to begin with. Odd but nice.


Slider9012 said...

you have crazy ass dreams like i do.

bush... that was a nightmare

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