Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wish me luck!

-I'm going to need it.


Job interview today. First one since getting "let go" back on fucking Halloween. I'm crazy nervous since I don't have a stellar record with interviews. I just get nervous. Which is stupid since I'm pretty laid back and get along with just about everybody. However, I can also be the quiet person who only gets super awesome after I've been around you for awhile. Not counting the fake outgoing personality I put on when dealing with customers/clients/whomever. All of which can be hard to see when I'm nervous. Ugh.

Plus there is a-fucking-lot riding on this interview. I have barely any money in my bank account. I am late on every bill except daycare and rent. I'm sort of paranoid that my cars will be repo'd. I probably need to check my cingular bill. Not that I have any money to pay that shit anyway. I suppose I'll be living off my credit card again. Yay debt!

Fuck today. I'll need a large alcoholic drink after the interview.


Slider9012 said...

you'll do just fine...

great mario vid above!

Brian and Anne said...

How did it go?