Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's hard to think through all the cotton-y pain:

I've been sick for a while and whatever I got, I got from my son. Thanks honey. Then the other day he started crying on and off about his ear, so I finally got to take him to a clinic today. Result: he has an ear infection. Luckily I asked his doctor to look in my ear as well. Result: I have an ear infection. WTH? Can I please stop getting ear infections now that I'm a freaking adult?! PLEASE?!!! I got a double ear infection last year, one that I didn't get checked out until my ears had been bleeding for a few days. Thank you America's Healthcare System and my lack of insurance.

However, the doctor was very sweet and understanding and wrote an Rx for both of us, which through some partnership with Fred Meyer, ended up being free.

Also, random dumbass move:

I suppose since I had been sick and out of it, I didn't realize exactly when Spring Break started for my son. I also wasn't reminded since he came home early last wednesday and thursday for feeling sick. Friday I just kept him home and Friday just happens to be the day that reminders and newsletters and whatnots are sent home with our children. So naturally, still feeling like shit, but (sort of) able to move around, I get Noah ready for school Monday morning. Even the news, which is our main selection for background music in the mornings, keeps talking about Spring Break. It still has yet to dawn on me. As I'm driving out of the apartment complex, I notice that there aren't any kids lined up for the bus. I tell Noah how odd that is and finally wonder if there is any school. I drive on. I get to school only to find it deserted. Again, I wonder if there is any school and I can't figure out why there wouldn't be. I drive around from the drop-off location to the front of the school to see if the office is lit up. As I'm rounding the school, somehow, through all the foggy sickness that has settled on my brain, I come up with the answer. SPRING BREAK! Holy crap Noah, it's SPRING BREAK! Right after I figure it out, I hear on the radio that Portland Schools are out for Spring Break. Thanks local djs.

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