Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kamen Rider:

Here I am, on a saturday morning, doing my awesome motherly duties. Kid's set up in the living room watching like, 5 hours of back to back cartoons on the CW and I'm in kitchen actually cooking breakfast. Yes, it's rare, but I'm bustin' out eggs, sausage, and cinnamon rolls. Every heart attack's, and 5yr old's delight. I'm feeling pretty damn good about myself as I brew some coffee. Then it happens.

As I sit down to peep whatever cartoon/show is on, I realize. I've become an uncool parent. What?! When the hell did this happen?! Whyyyyyy?

Where did this horrible epiphemy come from? From my son's saturday morning cartoon. Or show, rather. I'm sitting there, trying to make sense of whatever the hell is on. And I can't. What the fuck is this show? How does a 5yr old keep track of what's going on when I can't? Oh god, I've transformed into one of those mothers. How embarrassing! It happened overnight. Why? I'm a young mother, I thought I would have been able to fight this off for at least another 10 years.

And what show decided to spin me into the very horrible, uncool pit of despair?

Kamen Rider; Dragon Knight

It's like a super confusing Power Rangers, but on motorcycles. And in the world of reflections. And playing cards are somehow power holders. Plus, there is some kind of cross/double cross storyline going on, and with the entire cast looking the same, I'm have trouble keeping track of who's good and who's bad. Or just who's who at this point.

I keep asking Noah to explain certain things, but he keeps throwing out words such as XAVIAX, ADVENT, DARK KAMEN RIDERS, etc. huh?

Okay, I'll accept defeat. Can we watch Hocus Pocus now please?


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Blip is hard, but "They f***ed our asses" is funny.